Thursday, July 7, 2011

We will always remember you Justice!

This afternoon we loss one of our family members, our pet cat Justice. We got him as a baby right after 9/11 so we named him Justice. We didn't even know anything was wrong with him. I was taking my daughter to the pool this afternoon, but realized I forgot something so I went back into the house and saw Justice laying in our garden, panting and salivating heavy. I never saw him like that and he would not move. I got my husband and rushed him to the vet who ran a series of tests, gave him oxygen. Turns out his red blood count was 8 which is really low for a cat. He actually went into cardiac arrest, but they brought him back.  He needed a blood transfusion to get his red blood count up to normal. They were going to rush him to emergency care facility about 10 minutes away to get the transfusion.  We drove to meet them there.They pulled up, but he was already in arrest. They worked on him for 15 minutes, giving him 6 shots of epinephrine and CPR. I was glad we were able to see him and say goodbye. He was such a fun loving, fluffy, big mainecoon cat. He was friendly and a great part of our family.

We will miss him dearly.


  1. I know how bad you all must be sorry.
    Make a loss of pet card for your blog...just an idea!

  2. The Philly's played really well yesterday. I kept hoping but it was apparent my team wasn't gonna win. LOL

  3. Hi Chris, I am so sorry for your loss When you take an animal in, it really becomes a member of the family.

    I am glad you got your package. I hope you have fun with the goodies.
    hugs, Tami
    Tambo's Creations