Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece!

Tomorrow is my niece's birthday. She will turn 11! Wow! Time sure flies. We love and miss you Cecelia! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Have a wonderful birthday!

Cartridge:   Car Decals 
Stamps:      Ditto, Joy's Life Mother Daughter set, PBD Scripted Year, PK Everyday Character Faces
Stickles:      Purple
Other:         ribbon, button
Paper:         from my scrap stash


  1. Thank you it's very pretty.

  2. That is a very beautiful card Christine. Thank You so much. We miss Emily and you guys too.Ceceila is finished camp tomorrow.:)Her sister is in labor right now :)Cecelia is so excited!!!! We have to get together. Okay?

  3. Good Morning. You are so creative with your cards. You should definitely try to sell them somewhere. Hope we can ge the girls together this week.