Monday, March 7, 2011

My Pal Stitch

Stitch was so funny when Emily went up to him for his autograph. There were no other children around at the time so he was playing around with her. It was so cute to watch. Emily wanted to scrap a page today so she picked out the pictures and all the paper and the lettering. I worked with her to assemble all the pieces. We  used Life's a Beach cartridge for the flower and the Aloha. The title paper is actually a pretty  deep purple color. I am still having trouble getting a good picture. We finished this tonight and I wanted to post the layout. I think I will try to take a picture outside tomorrow.
Wait a minute how did Justice get in here? lol. Emily is still sick and was laying in my bed, but our cat Justice decided to take a nap in Emily's bed. He looked so cute I decided to cover him and take a picture.

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